Find links to more general resource transgender websites. The sites are categorized by overviews, and sites specifically for trans-youth, FtM's and SOFFA.

Introductory & General Resource Transgendered Web-Sites


These site provide a basic introduction to transgenderism

Gender-Queer Youth

These pages help young transsexuals and young transgendered people.

Female to Male Transsexual and Transgendered Men

These site focus on issues concerning FtM people. Though I have a section specifically for FtM transsexuals, you will find many links to other trans-guys in other sections. I feel it's very important for all transsexuals, regardless of which 'direction', to share our experiences to help each of us grow.

Family, Friends, & Significant Others

These sites try to help the people who are most important in the lives and transsexuals and other transgendered people.