Find links to more transgender websites. Here are some sites that link back to Maddie's site.

Recipricol Links

The web designers of these sites were kind enough to link their sites to my site. I very appreciate these links! Some of these links are also available on my other links pages. If you have your own site, I would very much appreciate a link from your site!

PFLAG is a wonderful organization of the parents and friends of queer youth.

Lynn's personal site includes many thoughtful essays.

Josie is a very sweet girl; we write each other sometimes. Her site has a very introspective diary that reveals how convoluted it can be trying to deal with your gender issues.

Social Science Information Gateway is an incredible on-line directory to social science resources.

Above & Beyond Gender Resources a directory of many resources to help the trans-community and an extensive links section to personal home pages.

The Open Directory Project is a general on-line directory that covers all topics. Web users volunteer to edit categories so each section's sites are chosen by people who really care about the topic.

Transtopia is a resource for trans-youth.

Deborah is a friend who was part of my parent's support group.

Amy's personal site is youthful & cool.

Natalie: I've always like Natalie's site with her poignant essays including one about suicide.

Long Island Trans Experience: is a support group from New York with lots of local resources. is a web directory with experts and discussion.

Melissa: writes stories with cross-gender themes.

Penn State LGBTA Resource Room: is a campus organization that provides resources both on-line and in their library.

Eric is a guy who's into tranny-chicks. Of course, aren't all straight men!!! :-) What makes Eric special is how he reveals a lot of himself in his autobiography. He has Asperger's syndrome which is kind of like a mild form of Autism where which makes it hard to relate with other people.

Gendy is an informal psychological journal with some articles available for free after a few months.

Kate has an extensive diary.

Ruby has a nice growing thoughtful personal site including a links section where you can vote on how good a site is. Remember to give my site the best rating!!!! :-)

Dianne is a crossdresser who doesn't take herself too seriously.

Psychwatch is an on-line directory for professions in psychology andf psychiatry.

Scott provides an on-line directory to many scholarly topics.

PsychNet is an on-line directory of mental health issues.

PsycHits is an on-line directory to psychology issues

Anne is a trans psychotherapist who has written extensively on therapy related issues of transsexuality and gender identity disorder.

GenderVoyagers is a support group for the trans and intersexed communities of California.

Gender Mosaic is a Canadian support group.

Fiona is a crossdresser sharing some of her thoughts, lots of her photos, and even more links!

Ellen is a prolific write who writes an on-going saga of Tucker.

John is a TV with a lot to say.

Zenzibar Alternative Culture is a great on-line directory to sub-cultures that just don't quite fit society's "normal."

Krystine has a simple home page featuring many mailing lists.

Evolve is a support group from Florida.

Alysons is a post-op transsexual in the UK.

Sexuality Answers: is an extensive directory of psychological resources about sexuality.

CyberPsych is an on-line directory to psychology information

Yahoo is an extensive a long-lasting directory of web-sites.

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